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6 Goat Dairies You Can Visit

Are you a cheese enthusiast with a taste for adventure? Look no further! We’ve rounded up a list of six captivating goat dairies that promise not only a delicious culinary experience but also an opportunity to connect with nature, learn about sustainable farming, and maybe even make a few furry friends. From the rolling hills of Vermont to the sunny landscapes of California, these dairies offer a unique and unforgettable experience for all.

Sage Farm Goat Dairy · Stowe, Vermont

Vermont is renowned for its artisanal cheeses, and Sage Farm Goat Dairy is no exception. With a commitment to sustainable farming practices, Sage Farm produces cheeses that reflect the flavors of the surrounding landscape. Take a guided tour, stroll through lush gardens, and savor cheeses that embody Vermont’s rich agricultural heritage.

Book a tour here!

Lively Run Goat Dairy · Interlaken, New York

Embark on a journey to Lively Run Goat Dairy, where innovation meets tradition. This family-owned dairy combines old-world techniques with modern flavors to create award-winning cheeses. Visitors can feed goats, learn about goat husbandry, and of course, taste the fruits of their labor with a cheese tasting experience.

Plan a visit during the Spring to bottle-feed baby goats, or in June or July to partake in goat yoga!

LaClare Creamery · Malone, Wisconsin

LaClare Creamery is a true haven for goat cheese aficionados. With a diverse range of flavors and styles, their cheeses are a testament to Wisconsin’s dairy tradition. Take a guided tour of their state-of-the-art facility, indulge in farm-to-table cuisine at their bistro, and leave with a newfound appreciation for the world of goat cheese.

Check out LaClare’s events calendar here to sign up for baby goat snuggles or a goat yoga class!

Idyll Farms · Northport, Michigan

Idyll Farms produces world-class, award-winning farmstead goat cheese made from the milk of Certified Humane ® Raised and Handled Alpine goats. Just down the road on a neighboring property is the world’s first and only goat cheese vending machine! Visitors can take a dip in neighboring Lake Michigan, go for a sweat in Idyll’s mobile sauna unit, and end the day with a delicious goat cheese snack from the vending machine.

Sign up for a guided farm tour here.

Jollity Farm Goat Dairy · Garden Valley, California

Experience the laid-back charm of California’s Jollity Farm Goat Dairy. Situated in the scenic foothills, enjoy a leisurely afternoon sampling their handcrafted cheeses and soaking in the stunning vistas. Visitors are welcome to feed the goats and watch them get milked. If visiting in the Spring, be sure to book an appointment to bottle feed a baby!

Tomales Farmstead Creamery · Tomales, California

Tomales Farmstead Creamery is where passion for quality and flavor collide. This family-run creamery prides itself on producing small-batch, artisanal cheeses that embody the essence of Northern California. Explore their farm, engage with the animals, and savor cheeses that reflect the terroir of the region.

Attend a public farm tour on the first Sunday of each month or book a private tour through the website.

Do you know of a goat dairy we should add to this list? Email josie@culturecheesemag.com to let her know!

Josie Krogh

Josie Krogh is culture's Digital Strategy Lead. She earned her master's degree in Agricultural and Applied Economics from The University of Georgia. Josie developed a love of food while working at farmstands in the D.C. area as a young adult, and discovered her love of cheese while living and working on a dairy farm on Martha's Vineyard. She is passionate about the food supply chain, fresh stone fruit, and dogs. Josie currently lives in Catskill, NY.

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