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Cheese Of The Day: Lamb Chopper

lamb chopper

Lamb Chopper


Lamb Chopper is a pleasantly mellow sheep’s milk cheese that’s an easy-to-love pick for kids and adults alike. Choose it not just for its smile-inducing label—a lamb in sunglasses riding a motorcycle (read Behind the Label to learn more!)—but for its smooth flavor and firm, snackable texture. Flavors of butter and cream are balanced with a hint of acidity, for a mild cheese that’s totally accessible.

Since 1983, Humboldt County’s Cypress Grove has made high-quality, award-winning goat cheese. Though most of their cheeses are younger goat’s milk cheeses, in 1998, the creamery added a range of matured cheeses that are produced in the Netherlands. Moving production avoids cross-contamination with other cheeses, but also creates much-needed space for aging. Aged for three months, this is Cypress Grove’s only sheep’s milk cheese.

At culture, we love Lamb Chopper with walnut butter; the nut’s tannic side tempers the cheese’s gentle acidity. Similarly, pair with a brown ale or a porter. The toasty beer will match the cheese’s subtle nuttiness and enhance its sweetness. Or, try Lamb Chopper stirred into polenta or melted into a crowd-pleasing grilled cheese.

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