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Cheese Of The Day: Oma




This orangey little wheel is so cute and pudgy that we can’t help but squish it. Oma is the ultimate introductory washed rind: rich with aromas of roasted nuts and cured meat, but still buttery sweet like fresh cream. With not too much barnyard or funk, it’s just pungent enough to make you understand the magic that brine wash can create.

Vermont’s von Trapp Farmstead uses milk from their own Jersey cows to make Oma, a tomme style cheese. Wheels are then sent to the Cellars at Jasper Hill, where they’re aged for two to three months and washed regularly in brine. Outside, Oma develops a dusty orange rind with a sprinkle of white mold. Inside, the squishy paste is golden and dappled with eyes. Let it soften and it doesn’t get runny but retains an irresistible pudding texture.

Oma’s unctuous mouthfeel and complex flavor make it a welcome addition to any cheese plate, perfect for plucking away at with your fingers or plopping onto a cracker. Pair with dried fruit or fig jam to round out its slight meatiness, and sip a Belgian-style dubbel ale or a crisp white wine.

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