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Cheese Of The Day: Pecorino Camomilla

pecorino camomilla

Pecorino Camomilla

|Pek-uh-REE-noh, ca-mo-MIL-la|

Inspired by the flavors and aromas of affineur Paolo Farabegoli’s family traditions, Pecorino Camomilla is a semi-firm sheep’s milk cheese that’s aged and coated in dried chamomile. Made in the summer after sheep have grazed on the year’s most verdant grass and when the chamomile flowers are plentiful, the cheese is a lush taste of springtime. Imported exclusively by Forever Cheese, Pecorino Camomilla is floral and light in flavor, and it has a striking appearance, dotted in little puffs of golden flowers.

On the palate, Pecorino Camomilla is creamy but yields notes of freshly cut apple and a hint of herbal, grassy sweetness. With its floral coating, it has a fragrant fruity aroma.

One morsel of this, and you’ll realize that there’s so much more to chamomile than just Sleepytime tea. Pair with ripe pears, orange blossom honey, and walnuts on a cheese plate. In a meal, shave onto bright fava beans or peas. To sip, amp up those floral notes with a white that’s similarly fruity like a Sancerre.

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