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Cheese Of The Day: Petit Nuage

petit nuage

Petit Nuage

|Peh-TEE, noo-AHJ|

Landmark Creamery’s Petit Nuage translates from French to “little cloud,” and we can’t think of a name more fitting for this fluffy little fromage. These dainty wheels are covered with a wavy pattern that evokes wispy clouds drifting across the sky. Like clouds, Petit Nuage is just as fleeting: A fresh sheep’s milk cheese, it’s only available from April to September, when the sheep are being milked.

It’s not just cloudlike in appearance, but also in its delightfully soft texture. Petit Nuage is light and creamy, almost like it’s been whipped. With a delicate hint of tang and salt, it has notes of grass and herbs and a mild sweetness that stays with you.

Petit Nuage’s subtle flavor lends itself to both sweet and savory dishes. When you need an extra spring in your step, serve Petit Nuage for breakfast, drizzled with honey. Or add to plump heirloom tomatoes with a handful of fresh herbs and finish with a full-bodied olive oil. For wine pairings, go for a Sancerre or a Sauvignon Blanc.

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