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Cheese Of The Day: Prairie Tomme

prairie tomme

Prairie Tomme

|PRAIR-ee, Tohm|

Prairie Tomme is a hard sheep’s milk cheese. Washed with brine and aged for at least four months, Prairie Tomme tastes nutty and earthy, rounded out with notes of caramel and brown butter. Its tawny natural rind looks and smells rustic with a mineral aroma reminiscent of wet clay.

Crafted in the rolling hills of Missouri by Green Dirt Farm, Prairie Tomme is a a cooked curd cheese made in the spring, using early season milk. It’s made in wheels that are cut into wedges when they’re ready to sell. Green Dirt Farm approaches cheesemaking with a focus on sustainable, humane, and economically-just practices. The farm and its partner dairies are proud to be certified as Animal Welfare Approved.

Prairie Tomme has a firm texture, making it easily snackable with crisp slices of pears and Spanish chorizo. It melts well too, so try it shaved onto soup, wedged into a grilled cheese, or stirred into fondue. Sip a Belgian ale or lager, or a pinot noir.

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