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Cheese Of The Day: Rush Creek Reserve

rush creek reserve

Rush Creek Reserve


Rush Creek Reserve is striking: Around this plump wheel, a ribbon of spruce bark wraps a rippling pink surface lightly dusted with white. Rush Creek Reserve isn’t designed for slicing—it’s too soft and luxuriant for that. Instead, like its muse Vacherin Mont d’Or, this cheese should be warmed slightly and its thin top rind removed to expose the gooey interior. Add a spoon or dip a bit of bread or fruit into its silky paste, and get ready to ogle.

Made by Wisconsin’s Uplands Cheese, Rush Creek Reserve is a seasonal complement to award-winning Alpine-style Pleasant Ridge Reserve. While Pleasant Ridge Reserve is made in the summer using grass-fed milk, Rush Creek Reserve highlights the change of season. It’s made only in the autumn, as the cows’ diet changes from pastures to winter hay, to display the rich texture of raw hay-fed milk and to show off the ripeness of young cheese. The two cheeses are aged side-by-side, giving them a shared complexity of flavor.

Rush Creek Reserve tastes rich, salty, and savory. Flavors of smoked and cured meat dominate, with notes of sour cream and grass in the background and a hint of woods from the spruce bark. Serve as a table cheese or scoop onto potatoes, gratins, omelets, or soups. Pair with a dry white or sparkling rosé.

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