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Cheese Of The Day: Sappy Ewe

sappy ewe


|Sah-pee, yoo|

Nothing says #fallfeelings like Nettle Meadow’s Sappy Ewe. With cow and sheep’s milk curds soaked in reduced maple syrup and rubbed with a layer of pine ash, Sappy Ewe evokes daydreams of crisp woods, campfires, and crunching leaves—appropriate given its roots near New York’s Adirondack Mountains.

Smelling of slate and damp moss, Sappy Ewe’s crumbly interior hints at grass, mushrooms, and light maple. But thanks to a bloomy rind covered in black ash and streaky white mold, a savory, umami finish lingers, making the small button a pleasure not only to look at but also to taste.

For ultimate log cabin vibes, we recommend pairing Sappy Ewe with a malty beer that’s got a touch of hops for balance, like a Bock, Marzen, or Belgian pale ale. Top a nutty biscuit with a sticky, zingy marmalade and a hunk of Sappy Ewe and you’ve got something to savor after a long day of leaf peeping.

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