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Cheese Of The Day: Sbrinz




Good things come to those who wait—and this Swiss cheese is no exception. Sbrinz is an aromatic hard cheese that’s made from raw cow’s milk and aged for at least 18 months, though it’s often aged for up to four and a half years. Pleasantly aromatic, Sbrinz has a spicy, nutty flavor that’s rounded out by a hint of butterscotch. The longer the cheese matures, the more flavorful and aromatic it becomes.

One of Switzerland’s most famous cheeses, it’s made using milk from Brown Swiss cattle that feed on grass in the summer and hay in the winter. With an AOP designation since 2002, Sbrinz is made by only a few dozen small dairies. Its production involves both pressing and cooking, and the rind is washed, brushed, and oiled regularly during its extensive maturation.

Sbrinz’s dense, waxy texture makes it ideal for grating as a finishing touch onto any dish. While younger wedges of this cheese can be shaved or sliced, more matured versions are better suited to breaking up into hunks and serving on a cheese board. Pair with a Gruner Veltliner.

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