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Cheese Of The Day: Sequatchie Cove’s Cumberland


Sequatchie Cove’s Cumberland


Feel close to the farm with Sequatchie Cove’s Cumberland, the Tennessee creamery’s farmers’ market favorite. With aromas of mushrooms, flowers, and grass, this raw cow’s milk cheese calls to mind warm days in a barn. Cumberland’s rind is dank and humid, but with a luxe, suede-like appearance. The smooth and firm golden paste beneath is approachable and easy-to-nibble, with a mild flavor and a clean lactic finish.

Inspired by the classic French Tomme de Savoie, Cumberland is typically aged between 75 and 90 days, during which wheels are not washed but turned. The result is a striking mold growth that varies over the seasons depending on changes in milk composition.

Cumberland pairs just as well with a full-bodied dry white wine as it does with a Tempranillo, and it’s great both nibbled and cooked. For a melty option, we love Tomme-style cheeses in polenta; a side of roasted mushrooms brings out Cumberland’s mossy notes.

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