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Cheese Of The Day: Smoked Hand-Braided Caciocavera

braided caciocavera

Smoked Hand-Braided Caciocavera


A dense mouthfeel and hickory-smoked flavor make Lovera’s Hand-Braided Caciocavera one supremely snackable cheese. This pretty, handcrafted plait is made with cow’s milk from a single Amish farm in Oklahoma, that’s then slowly smoked over hickory logs. The result: A chewy cheese with a buttery interior, nutty notes, and the faintest hint of beef jerky.

Inspired by traditional Italian Caciocavallo—which belongs to the same family as mozzarella and provolone—Oklahoma’s signature Caciocavera is stretched and shaped by hand. The range of Caciocaveras is also sold in gourd shapes, but the braided versions gain a little more surface area, which enhances and speeds up the conditioning process.

Reach for Smoked Hand-Braided Caciocavera when you want something straightforward and comforting alongside a nice ale. Try undoing the braid and pulling apart the ropes for a grownup take on your childhood string cheese.

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