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Cheese Of The Day: Snowfields




Snowfields is a bold and savory cheese made using only winter milk. When snow covers the fields of Wisconsin, the cows are unable to eat their summertime fresh grass. Instead, they eat grass that has turned slightly sweet with fermentation—which makes their milk higher in protein and fat. This lush milk lends a rich and buttery flavor and texture. This cheese is a seasonal treat: It melts in the mouth with a lingering flavor of sweet milk and notes of parmesan.

Saxon Creamery makes cheese with a focus on sustainable environmental management and animal wellness. A sixth-generation family farm produces the milk for the creamery’s cheeses from a herd of Jersey/Holstein cross cows. After forming the wheels, Saxon ages Snowfields for six months, which gives the cheese more flavor and also allows little crystals of lactic acid to form for added crunch.

Its firm texture is great for snacking, especially when paired with apples or grapes for freshness. The savory flavor shines in sandwiches: Try with ham and stone-ground mustard between hearty seeded bread. It melts nicely atop roasted vegetables or meats. Pair with pilsner or pale lager.

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