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Cheese Of The Day: Sriracha Gouda

sriracha gouda

Sriracha Gouda

|Suh-RAH-chah, GOU-dah|

Fans of spice, this one’s for you. Snack on Sriracha Gouda when you want a cheese that’s creamy and mild, but has a pleasant building heat. Hitting the palate with hints of yogurt and sweet chili sauce, Sriracha Gouda has a slight heat that builds in the throat and has a lingering warmth. It’s fiery in appearance too—crushed red pepper coats its crimson rind and speckles the cheese’s firm golden paste.

Since 1865, the Roth family has been making cheese first from a small town outside Zurich and now from the rolling hills of Green County, Wisconsin. Roth—who in 2009 merged with Swiss dairy cooperative Emmi —makes award-winning cheeses inspired by the family’s Swiss heritage, but using high quality Wisconsin milk. To make Sriracha Gouda, cheesemakers add a sriracha spice blend directly to the milk before it’s transformed into the gouda-style wheel. It’s aged for at least a month and then rubbed with red pepper for added spice and a striking rind.

Sweet and spicy Sriracha Gouda adds sass to any grilled cheese and makes a zesty topping for chili, tacos, and soups. At culture, we love to temper its heat by sipping an apple or berry cider or a well-chilled rosé. For beers, go for a juicy IPA or a session beer. (Want more spicy cheese? Check out our Summer 2017 issue for our dive into all things hot, hot, hot.)

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