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10 Subscriptions Every Cheese Lover Needs

Cheese Subscriptions

These days, there’s a subscription box for everything. Cheese lovers, you’ll be pleased to know that you’re covered on the fromage front: With several brands selling cheese subscriptions, your next cheese crush can be delivered right to your doorstep. We’ve rounded up some of the cheesiest subscription boxes on the market, so all you have to do is sign up, sit back, and get to cheesing.

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Di Bruno Bros. The Kilo Club

Inside: A hulking kilo of cheese (that’s2.2 pounds) cut by mongers at Philly’s classic Di Bruno Bros.
Recommended for: The cheesehead that wants to go big. You find a cheese and you stick with it, experimenting with pairings and preparations—then do it all over again when next month’s obsession comes along.
Price: $180 for 3 months, $650 for 1 year

Cowgirl Creamery’s Cowgirl Three

Inside: 3 artisan cheeses a month for 3 months, plus sign-on goodies!
Recommended for: The ravenous eater and reader. With your first collection, you’ll get a dough-rising basket, 2 flour-sack towels, and a year-long subscription to culture.
Price: $225 for 3 months plus shipping

Photo Credit Cheesemonger Box

Cheesemonger Box Signature

Inside: 3 artisan cheeses, 1 box of crackers, and an additional accompaniment.
Recommended for: The small business lover. This subscription box is run by the owners of Connecticut’s Fairfield & Greenwich Cheese Company and features only small-batch, artisan products. rRecent boxes have featured Michigan’s Idyll Farms and Wisconsin’s Uplands Cheese, for example.
Price: $95 month-to-month

Pastoral Charcuterie & Cheese of the Month

Inside: 1 meat and 1 cheese, chosen by the pros at Chicago’s Pastoral Artisan Cheese, Bread, and Wine.
Recommended for: The minimalist. This one’s for the cheese lover that keeps it simple, and these crave-worthy pairings let you focus on the cheese.
Price: $249 for 4 months, $699 for 1 year

Harry & David Fruit and Cheese Club

Inside: 1 artisan cheese and a handpicked seasonal fruit, like peaches paired with honey chèvre in August.
Recommended for: The snacker who kicks it old school; this gift basket company has been doing the mail order model since the 1930s!
Price: $130 for 3 months, $400 for 1 year, plus shipping

Sharecuterie - Cheese Subscription

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Inside: A cheese plate that basically assembles itself, with 3 charcuterie options, 2 or 3 cheeses, plus sides like nuts, pickles, dried fruit, or jams.
Recommended for: The busy host. Enough for 4 to 6, this box sets you up for a no-prep gathering with a few friends, perfect for recurring events like book club or game night.
Price: $65 per month, $180 for 3 months, plus shipping

The Gourmet Cheese of the Month Club

Inside: 3 wedges of artisan cheese from around the world.
Recommended for: The planner. With a list of the entire year’s shipments (and next year’s, too!) available online, this subscription is for folks who like to know what they’re getting and plan accordingly.
Price: $40 per month, plus shipping

Antonelli’s Cheese of the Month Club

Inside: 3 to 5 cheeses, sometimes including pairings.
Recommended for: The one who likes surprises, since the quantity and variety of cheese varies. Members get first dibs on hard-to-get, seasonal, and small-batch treats, upping the excitement factor of each month’s unboxing.
Price: $150 for 3 months, plus shipping

National Cheese Lover's Day

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Murray’s Cheese of the Month

Inside: The 3 best cheeses of the moment, according to Murray’s expert mongers.
Recommended for: The one who has it all. This one’s for the cheese eater that’s already got all the boards, knives, stash of pairings in the pantry, and just needs the cheese to go with it.
Price: $75 month-to-month, $775 for 1 year

Zingerman’s Quarterly Cheese Club

Inside: 3 cheeses per quarter.
Recommended for: The global eater. Zingerman’s picks cheeses from a different region each quarter (Italy, France, Switzerland, and America), allowing you to focus on a variety of cheesemaking traditions.
Price: $275 for 1 year, plus shipping for Alaska and Hawaii


Inside: A flight of wines from small makers. Each box contains 3 glasses of different wines, including tasting notes and pairing suggestions.
Recommended for: The personal platter connoisseur. With just 3 glasses, this might not be the box for sharing. Instead, it’s ideal for solo sipping alongside a cheese board for one.
Price: $29 per month, $81 for 3 months

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