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Will It Waffle?

Will It Waffle? by Daniel Shumski

With a name like Will It Waffle? (Workman Publishing, Sept. 2014; $14.95), you’d expect to find—well, waffle recipes. Yet only two of the 53 recipes in this book resemble the traditional breakfast treat. Instead, you’ll find directions for alternate waffle meals, ranging from low key (waffled mac ’n’ cheese) to high class (waffled filet mignon) to downright surprising (waffled mochi). Author Daniel Shumski, creator of the popular Waffleizer blog, also includes tips for best cooking practices, advice on the easiest way to clean your waffle iron, and guidelines for developing your own gourmet gridded creations. Where do we sign up?

Will It Waffle?
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Alicia Hahn

Alicia Hahn excels at eating and enjoys writing, crosswords, and cooking (preferably with cheese). Originally from San Francisco, she moved to Boston for school and fell in love with the city (despite an annual campaign against winter). Her favorite place to be is the farmers’ market, where she finds weird and exciting ingredients to make or break her next meal.