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Fontina Fonduta with White Truffle Butter

Fontina Fonduta with White Truffle Butter
Serves 8
“The basic technique of slowly melting a single cheese, such as the Italian Fontina Val d’Aosta, with the help of whole milk, rich egg yolks, and the best-quality butter can also be applied to several different cheeses blended to your own taste.” says Chester Hastings in The Cheesemonger's Kitchen.
“When shopping for fontina, look for real Fontina Valle d'Aosta, which is marked with the official, ‘Fontina Zona di Produzione Regione Autonoma, Valle d’Aosta, DOP.’ The unbelievable quality of the raw milk, the mastered traditional techniques employed, and the singularly sweet flavors from the spruce-wood shelves on which the cheese wheels are aged cannot be mimicked or replicated anywhere else in the world.
“If you have access to fresh white truffles, thinly slice them over the top of this fonduta. More than likely you'll need a drizzle of truffle oil or—as I prefer—a beautiful farm butter from the Poitous-Charentes region of France studded with fresh white truffles as show in the photograph.”

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