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10 Cheesy Thanksgiving Side Dishes That’ll Steal the Show

Get creative this holiday season by trying out these unique recipes. 

For the holidays, it’s tempting to cook up the classics like creamy mashed potatoes or buttery cornbread, but why not serve something unique and delicious on your table this year? We’ve rounded up Thanksgiving side dishes guaranteed to steal the show at your next spread. These recipes mix in savory cheeses like tangy cheddar, Appenzeller, and smoky gouda and will provide you and your guests with comforting bites. 

Marc Matsumoto via No Recipes

Jalapeño Cheddar Rolls via No Recipes

Try scattering grated cheddar and pickled jalapeños into your dough this holiday season. The result? A savory, spicy, flaky roll to eat alongside roasted brussels sprouts or tender turkey. 

Jackie Botto via culture

Fig and Apple Salad With Shaved Goat Gouda from culture

If you typically lean towards lighter holiday sides, add this salad to your spread. It combines crisp apples, sweet figs, creamy aged goat gouda, and a tangy balsamic vinaigrette. 

Erin Lynch via Plates and Pairings

Easy Pumpkin Mac and Cheese from Plates and Pairings

Mac and cheese is a must-have on every holiday spread. It’s creamy and nostalgic of cozy bites savored while spending quality time with loved ones. This recipe promises a decadent bake mixing evaporated milk, sharp cheddar, nutty parmesan, and sweet pumpkin for the ultimate seasonal dish to dig into this fall. 

Chef Josh Berry and Maggie Knowles via culture

Roasted Grape, Gorgonzola, and Rosemary Focaccia from culture

After you complete the fun part of the focaccia-making process—dimpling the dough—toss on some roasted grapes, piquant gorgonzola, and floral rosemary on top. That way, your guests can have delicious bread on their plates to sop up any leftover sauce from the turkey. 

MacKenzie Smith via Grilled Cheese Social

Southern Potato Salad from Grilled Cheese Social

If you love creamy bites of chilled potato salad during the holidays, consider saving this recipe. It packs pimiento cheese—or caviar of the south—crisp bacon and fragrant scallions. Make this side dish the day before; that way, you can sit back and relax and only have to worry about serving. 

Jenny Bravo via culture

Roasted Sunchokes With Bagna Càuda and Melted Appenzeller from culture

This northwestern Italian dish combines sunchokes with garlic and anchovies for a flavorful holiday side. Finish it off with thin slices of Appenzeller—a Swiss cow’s milk cheese—for some cheesy goodness.  

Erin Lynch via Plates and Pairings

Duchess Potatoes from Plates and Pairings

Make these duchess potatoes for a beautiful and elegant-looking side dish to add to your guest’s plate. It tastes just as delicious as it looks, thanks to the creamy cheddar mixed into the starch. 

Jenny Bravo via culture

Clothbound Cheddar and Dill Biscuits from culture

These biscuits are flaky, savory, and the perfect handhelds for your gathering. They’re filled with cheddar cheese and will provide your loved ones with warm and comforting bites this season. 

MacKenzie Smith via Grilled Cheese Social

Kale Butternut Squash Salad from Grilled Cheese Social

This salad shines a light on seasonal ingredients like kale and butternut squash. The recipe calls for tangy feta crumbles to give the greens extra flavor. It’s the perfect side dish for when your guests need a palate cleanser after loading up on all that mac and cheese. 

Chef Josh Berry and Maggie Knowles via culture

Creamy Au Gratin With Gorgonzola and Root Veggies from culture

This Au Gratin is a show stopper for many reasons: it makes a beautiful centerpiece thanks to the elegantly laid root vegetables, and it’s creamy and delicious thanks to the savory gorgonzola. Pro tip: use colorful ingredients like purple sweet potatoes and white parsnips so that this dish looks extra vibrant. 


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