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Monsieur Marcel Fondue Savoyarde

Monsieur Marcel's Fondue Savoyarde
This recipe courtesy of Monsieur Marcel makes for a warm tummy on a cold day, combining all of our favorite alpine cheeses with a bit of Roquefort to spice things up.
  1. 1.5oz Appenzeller
  2. 1.5oz Gruyère de Beaufort
  3. 1.5oz Swiss Cheese
  4. 1.5oz Morbier
  5. 1oz Roquefort
  6. 3oz white wine
  7. Kirch
  8. 1oz flour
  9. 1oz butter (beurre manie)
  1. First make the beurre manie by mixing butter and flour with your hands until well combined
  2. In a fondue pot combine the wine, beurre manie, and all the cheese with a wire whisk. Whisk until cheese is melted, and finally add a dash of kirch.
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