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About Bayonne Ham: Dive Into The History and Production of France’s Favorite Ham

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A Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) product, Bayonne Ham is the most popular cured ham in France. It must be made following an ancient, carefully controlled process, produced with mineral-rich salt from saltwater springs, Salies-de-Béarn, and aged for a minimum of 12 months. The pigs that provide the pork for Bayonne Ham are also PGI-certified. Raised only in the southwest France, they are allowed to graze freely and are never treated with steroids or antibiotics. The pigs are also fed non-GMO corn and grains grown on or nearby the farms where they are raised.

About Stéphanie Couralet

Stéphanie Couralet is the communication officer for the Bayonne Ham Consortium based in France. She is currently working for the Consortium of PGI Bayonne ham, a syndicate of producers established in 1991. Organized as an interprofessional body, it gathers every actor involved in the production of Bayonne hams including 800 pig farms, 38 livestock producers, 28 cutting plants and 29 curing units, all located in the South-West of France.

About Alexia Durand

Alexia Durand is Bayonne Ham’s Brand Ambassador. She arrived in the US almost two years ago with the mission of introducing authentic French Bayonne Ham and its specificities to American customers. And since 2014—and the arrival of the first Bayonne hams—she and her team are still continuously working on raising awareness of this imported cured meat and making it available to the largest number of people.

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