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Get Floral with Génépi Raclette Artisanal and an Alpine Apéritif

If you can get your hands on a wheel of this decadent Raclette, you’ll be getting a truly one-of-a-kind product. The Génépi line of cheeses hails from the Italian, French, and Swiss facets of the Alps, where the milk yields and flavor profiles vary from season to season.

Raclette is typically regarded as a traditional French cheese, but Switzerland lays claim to a fair number of Raclette varieties. Génépi Raclette Artisanal is a touch firmer than its French counterpart, creamier than a Swiss Gruyère, and possesses a profile reminiscent of the grasses wildflowers that grow in Le Mouret, in the Fribourg canton of eastern Switzerland. In fact, the Génépi name refers to flowers in the Artemesia family, which includes tarragon and wormwood (the primary flavor ingredient in absinthe).

The milk for this Raclette is sourced from up to 33 dairies local to Le Mouret, and is never more than four hours old when the cheesemaking process begins. Though the cheese is technically unpasteurized (the Génépi line focuses on raw milk cheeses), the milk is gently thermalized (heat-treated) to prevent bacterial growth, and the resulting cheese is aged for three to four months.

In keeping with Alpine tradition, we think Génépi Raclette Artisanal is best served with a white wine-based apéritif such as Lillet Blanc, or génépy liqueur (yep, the region has its own herbal spirit!). An herb-forward beverage will bring out the cheese’s floral notes, which intensify as the cheese melts—a highly recommended preparation. Peterson Cheese is proud to make the Génépi line of cheeses available to the US market.

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