Introducing Satio Collection’s Israeli Feta Cheese
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Introducing Satio Collection’s Israeli Feta

Feta is one of the world’s most versatile cheeses, equally at home on a cheeseboard, in a salad, and in myriad recipes, both savory and sweet. Not all feta is the same, however. Authentic feta comes from the Mediterranean and is made only with sheep’s and/or goat’s milk. The flavor should be bright and fresh, with a lemony tang and just a hint of salt. 

The Israeli Feta exclusively imported by the Satio Collection is an outstanding example of this storied cheese. Using a recipe that has been passed down for four generations, cheesemakers transform the milk of Hasaf sheep—a breed native to Israel—into creamy, rich feta, with a full yet mellow flavor and a luxuriant mouthfeel. 

Satio Collection Israeli Feta, which is certified Kosher, is delightful simply paired with olives or honey, skewered with watermelon and sprinkled with mint, blended into a dip, or on flatbread drizzled with olive oil and topped with za’atar. Its balanced flavor and creamy-crumbly texture shines in recipes like shakshuka, lamb burgers, and pasta dishes—including the famous TikTok feta pasta. 

Satio means “to satisfy” in Latin. The name refers to the deep and complete satisfaction derived from consuming foods of exceptional quality—foods that fully sate us even in small servings. The Satio Collection works with trusted partners to source distinctive, authentic cheeses of best-in-class quality from across Europe—and beyond. 

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