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Introducing Satio Collection’s Wookey Hole 

Wookey Hole gets its name and nutty, distinct flavor from the limestone caves where it ages. Each wheel is carried by hand 200 feet underground, where they age for 15 months, taking on the distinctive earthy flavors from the atmosphere.

Check out the Wookey Hole wheels ripening in the caves in real time!

Exclusively imported by the Satio Collection, Wookey Hole is made following a unique recipe, with milk from local herds that graze on the fields of Dorset. The entire cheesemaking process is performed by hand, including the salting of the curds, pressing of the cheese, and the wrapping of the wheels. It has a smooth, buttery mouthfeel, and is the perfect balance between salty and sweet.

Satio Collection Wookey Hole pairs well with Belgian Ale or Pinot Noir. Its creamy and crumbly texture is perfect for a cheeseboard or melted on top of a burger. Pair it with sliced red apples, candied pecans, Effie’s Pecan Biscuits, and dark honey for an autumnal-themed cheese plate that is balanced, sweet, and tangy. 

Satio means “to satisfy” in Latin. The name refers to the deep and complete satisfaction derived from consuming foods of exceptional quality—foods that fully sate us even in small servings. The Satio Collection works with trusted partners to source distinctive, authentic cheeses of best-in-class quality from across Europe—and beyond. 

Satio Collection

The Satio Collection works with trusted partners to source distinctive, one of a kind cheeses from across Europe - and beyond. The producers they partner with are dedicated to making authentic cheeses of best-in-class quality, with respect for tradition and a sense of place.

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