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Ring in Fall with Montchevre Cranberry Cinnamon Goat Cheese

Arguably the most photogenic season, fall is the time for warm colors, vivid produce, and the ever-present scent of cinnamon. This familiar spice can nonetheless lend a pleasant element of surprise to dishes both savory and sweet: think cinnamon-roasted squash, pumpkin spice lattes, and any number of apple-based pastries. In the spirit of the season, Montchevre Cranberry Cinnamon Goat Cheese combines the best of the harvest bounty with snowy chèvre, tangy cranberries, and aromatic cinnamon to make a cheese that’s almost too good to be legal.

Their signature creamy texture is on full display here, as is their reliably perfect ratio of flavors. Traditional French cheesemaking techniques, coupled with the Montchevre brand’s commitment to high-quality ingredients, ensures that they remain America’s top-selling goat cheese. Cranberry Cinnamon is just one of over a dozen varieties of Montchevre goat cheese logs, not to mention the brand’s other goat cheese offerings. If you’re looking to expand your sweet-tinged goat cheese repertoire, try the Blueberry Lemon, Honey, or Spiced Pumpkin flavors. 

Ask around at culture, and you’ll find that there’s no one meal to which this particular cheese is limited. Topping a baked sweet potato for dinner? Sure. Spread on a bagel for breakfast? Done it. Sprinkled on ice cream for dessert? Guilty. The perfect blend of sweet and savory elements makes the possibilities for this cheese almost endless (we’ve even seen it used as pastry filling). For a delightfully autumnal afternoon snack, dig your favorite root veggie chips into a log of Cranberry Cinnamon goat cheese and float away on the harmony of flavors. We challenge you to get creative and celebrate fall the Montchevre way!

Sponsored by Montchevre.


Montchevre began as a small operation in a 4,000 square-foot former cheddar plant in Preston, Wisconsin. Remaining true to its core principles, Montchevre places emphasis on high-quality wholesome goat cheese and the production of the most outstanding cheese at the very best value. Montchevre is able to produce over 50 variations of goat cheese thanks to it’s network of 400+ local, independent, family farms. Montchevre is conscious of ethics and best practices, purposefully protecting farmers livelihoods and their sustainability. The Montchevre product line includes a large variety of traditional goat cheese, aged specialty goat cheese, and seasonally inspired goat cheese available nationwide.

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