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Serve Something Luxurious: Sweet and Savory Bites with Cambozola

Looking to upgrade your entertaining game? Cambozola has the rich-and-creamy answer you might be looking for.

Combining everything you love about soft-ripened and blue cheese styles, this unique cheese comes from a line of historic cheeses at Käserei Champignon, a 100-year-old producer of specialty cheeses from Bavaria, Germany. 

Käserei Champignon is regionally focused, sourcing milk only from farms in Bavaria, where cows graze on alpine grasses with room to roam. And the master cheesemakers use only pure ingredients–no artificial ingredients, stabilizers, or preservatives. The result? A diverse line of award-winning cheeses that have been globally recognized for their quality and craftsmanship. (Did we mention they’re all gluten-free, lactose-free, and vegetarian friendly? Perfect for entertaining a wide range of guests.)

Cambozola remains Käserei Champignon’s most popular cheese (and it’s not hard to see why). Its mild and approachable flavor make it an easy crowd pleaser—even for self-proclaimed blue cheese haters. It has all the rich creaminess of your favorite brie, combined with the subtle, piquant notes of your favorite blue for a one-of-a-kind cheesy satisfaction.

Plus: Cambozola is incredibly versatile, making it the perfect addition to your summer burger, lunchtime grilled cheese, or pre-dinner cheese plate. (If you don’t eat it all right off the spoon, that is.) 

For optimal indulgence, we recommend combining sweet and savory flavors when entertaining with this unique cheese. Stack strawberry preserves, a slice of Cambozola, and some crumbled pistachios on a digestive biscuit for a complex yet approachable bite at your next dinner party. 


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Champignon North America

Champignon North America, Inc. is the exclusive US importer of cheeses from Käserei Champignon, a 100-year old cheese producer located in Bavaria, Germany. Champignon cheeses are available nationally in supermarkets and specialty markets including Kroger, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Publix, and Wegmans.

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