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How It’s Made: Bayonne Ham

Jambon de Bayonne is a French delicacy with history and a taste of place. Learn how it is produced!

bayonne ham pgi

Do You Know PGI? A Case Study in Bayonne Ham

PGI is a protected geographical indication that tells you where your food comes from. Essentially: high-quality food that you can trust. We break it down here with Bayonne ham PGI.

goat cheese deviled eggs

Goat Cheese Deviled Eggs with Crispy Bayonne Ham

Goat cheese and crispy Bayonne ham take deviled eggs to the next level.

Perfect Platter for One with Bayonne Ham

Bye-bye, sad desk lunches! Here’s how to treat yourself to a personal platter, with a little fromage and plenty of Bayonne ham.

savory french toast

Parmesan French Toast with Bayonne Ham and Eggs

French toast doesn’t always have to be sweet. With parmesan, Bayonne ham, and eggs, this savory toast is perfect for brunch.