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DIY 30-Minute Mozzarella for the Layperson

When my editor assigned me this DIY blog I figured, No problem. I was ready to tackle this project and impress friends with my cheese making skills. “What is that smell?” people would ask. “Why it’s that aged artisanal cheese that girl is holding! Did you make it yourself?” Indeed I did. “Astonishing!” But then, […]

North Bay Curds & Whey’s Nameless Buffalo and Goat Masterpiece

Ever since Alissa Shethar, cheesemaker at North Bay Curds & Whey in Berkeley, announced that she was going to make buffalo milk cheese, I have been in a state of frenzied anticipation. Thank goodness she and I are both on the regulatory affairs committee of the California Artisan Cheese Guild! She was generous to bring in a wheel […]

Cheese Personality: Wensleydale

How Wallace and Gromit saved, Wensleydale, now a beloved British cheese

Cheese Personality: Aesthetic Mold

Mold adds texture, flavor, and interesting visuals to these fuzzy cheeses

Cheese Personality: Alcohol-Marbled Cheeses

Unique pressed marbled cheeses are flavored with beer and wine

Cheese Personality: Rind Art

These aesthetically pleasing rinds tell us important information about cheese