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Hold the Nuts: It’s Time We Addressed Vegan Cheese

Illustration by Erin Wallace I’m not a vegan. I’ve become an “accidental” vegetarian (acci-tarian?) at times due to limited funds and my general fear of cooking meat. But while I respect the reasons people might electively eschew animal products, I lack the fortitude to pass up late night emergency mac and cheese in favor of […]

A Sharp Story: Why Are Some Cheddars Naturally Lactose Free?

Yes, whey. Lactose free eaters can enjoy cheddar too.

Sheep Milk Yogurt - Old Chatham

Ask the Monger: What’s the Difference Between Cheese and Yogurt?

What’s the difference between cheese and yogurt? We often fall into the trap of placing dairy products into defined categories. I think a better approach is to imagine them existing on a spectrum. In some contexts, they’re close together; in other contexts, much further apart. Both yogurt and cheese utilize starter cultures to produce acidity. However, […]