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Climate Change Drives French Cheesemakers to Rethink Rules

Scorching heat hitting the country is impacting pastures and production.

Parmigiano-Reggiano Adopts Edible Microchips to Combat Counterfeiters

Makers of the iconic Italian cheese are now embedding their 90-pound wheels with edible microchips in an effort to cut down on counterfeit cheese.

A Grana Grand Tour

Grana is made all over the world. Though the style originated in Italy, it has since sprung up anywhere Italians have made their home.

Ask the Monger: Why do only some cheeses have DOP/PDO/AOP status?

When it comes to reading cheese labels, you might get a mouthful of these abbreviations. These European-based acronyms are “geographical indications.”

bayonne ham pgi

Do You Know PGI? A Case Study in Bayonne Ham

PGI is a protected geographical indication that tells you where your food comes from. Essentially: high-quality food that you can trust. We break it down here with Bayonne ham PGI.