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In Queso You Missed It July 8th

Chuck E. Cheese has been in the news a lot recently, from its new salad bar to a pizza party delivered right to your doorstep. We’re about to add one more story to the pile: a store in Georgia hosts a monthly “Sensory Sensitive Sunday.” Geared towards children with autism, the atmosphere has lowered lights and less noise. While their cheese pizza might be a bit dubious, Chuck E. Cheese has some great ideas now and then. 

Here’s what else you might have missed in cheese news:

  • Does the sheer number of cheeses to try stress you out? There’s an app for that
  • In retaliation over Airbus subsidies, the US is threatening tariffs against European products, including Italian cheeses like Parmesan. We don’t like this one bit.  
  • For years, Heinz has been selling canned mac and cheese (called “Macaroni Cheese”) in the UK. Would you try it? 
  • Turophiles need to keep their eye on the emerging cheese scene on the West Coast. You already know California makes great cheese? We’re talking about South Africa, silly. 
  • An epic taste test of Bacon, Egg, and Cheese biscuits. Four restaurants. Only one winner. 
  • In case you have some dairy sensitive guests at your next brunch, here’s a dairy-free cream cheese you should consider. 
  • On a more somber note, a potential mixing of chemicals triggered an evacuation at a Great Lakes Cheese plant. 

Madeline Upson

A longtime lover of cheese and wine nights, Madeline finally got to use her love of cheese as former Editorial Assistant at Culture Magazine.

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