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5 New Products You Have to Try This Spring

Stichelton Toast

We’re always looking for the newest cheese on the block and debut accompaniments to eat them with! From crispy, funky Stichelton Toasts to honey-lime infused marinated goat cheese, here are the new products we can’t stop eating this spring.

Dorothy's Cheese

1. This line of flower-shaped beauties from Dorothy’s Cheese has us wishing for picnic season. Orange-tinged, creamy Comeback Cow is mild and versatile with a slight tang, while vegetable ash–rubbed Keep Dreaming yields hints of lavender and just the right amount of salt. Even better: The Illinois-based creamery is named after cheesemaker Dorothy Demeter, who became the first US woman to earn a dairy science degree in 1953.

Yuzu Marmelade2. Yuzu, the famous Asian citrus fruit, is somehow tangy, sweet, and floral all at once—and this new Yuzu Marmelade from O-Med showcases the fruit’s complexity. Pair it with a cheese that also has a fruity, flowery side, like a summertime Alpine wheel; similar aromas will mingle, drawing out the cheese’s creaminess.

Tupelo Honey & Lime Chevoo3. Chevoo founders Gerard and Susan Tuck have a knack for dreaming up creative flavor combinations, mixing ingredients into creamy cubes of fresh chèvre and infusing oil marinades with fresh botanicals. Their zingy new Tupelo Honey and Lime—with honey-laced chèvre marinated in lime infused EVOO—is reminiscent of key lime pie, and we’re swooning over the delicate earthiness of their new Italian Black Truffle flavor.

Stichelton Toast

4. A new release from UK-based cheese purveyor and exporter The Fine Cheese Co., Stichelton Toast crackers are made with one of England’s classic blues. Smelling tangy and buttery, the crisps offer perfect crunch and rich flavors with notes of chocolate and nuts—complex enough to savor solo, but extra divine alongside some port.

Marquen Maple Syrup

5. Vermont company Runamok Maple has jumped on the exotic spice train, now infusing their organic maple syrup with a blend of smoked Merquén peppers from the Mapuche region of Chile. Due to a building, lingering kick from the chiles, pancakes doused in Merquén Infused Maple Syrup would not be for the faint of heart—we recommend stirring it into cocktails, drizzling it over fried chicken, or serving it with Vermont cheddar cheeses.

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