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New on the Market for Spring 2019

New on the Market

We’ve rounded up six hot products to look out for on your next shopping trip.

Sound the alarms: For the first time since 2011, California’s Cowgirl Creamery has released a new cheese. Called Hop Along, the rosy cow’s milk wheel debuted in a select number of shops last fall; now it’s gone national. Bathed in organic Apple Bite Cider as it ages, hop along is a crowd-pleaser: firm, friendly, and just a bit funky. It’s eminently snackable and lovely when layered with violet mustard or bresaola.  

Just-released Saucisson au Fromage is a collaboration between two Vermont-based artisans: cheesemaker Shelburne Farms and charcuterie maker Babette’s Table. The lightly spiced, dry-cured salami contains mini chunks of Shelburne Farms’ 2Year Cheddar, which add sharp tang to each bite of savory meatthe perfect portable cheese-and-charcuterie pairing to munch alongside your favorite Vermont beer.  

New on the Market

Sun-Dried Kandahar Figs soak up rays in the Afghan province of Kandahar province before being hand-picked and flattened into dense, flavorful rounds. The ideal sidekick for a salty blue or tangy aged goat cheese, ZiBA’s fruits serve another mission: to support small farms in rural Afghanistan and provide stable employment for women in Kabul.  

New on the market

If you’re searching for a zingy green addition to your cheese, charcuterie, or tinned fish plate, spring for pickled piparras, traditional peppers from the Basque Country region of Spain. Newly imported by Philosophy FoodsAintzia Farms Organic Basque Piparras are grown organically on a family farm outside of San Sebastián and preserved in a gentle organic vinegar that allows their sweetness to shine.   

For the third year in a row, Dutccompany Uniekaas is releasing its limited-edition Melkbus 39 Lavender just for the spring season. The rawmilk, farmstead, gouda-style wheel is speckled with an infusion of lavender blossoms, rosemary, and thyme—an herbal, floral concoction that melds beautifully with the umami-laden aged wheel.  

Sous Vide Egg Bites may have been popularized by Starbucks, but they’ve been perfected by Trois Petits Cochons. The veteran NYC charcuterie maker has released four quiche-inspired flavor combos, including Spinach & Feta and Prosciutto & Gruyère. Pre-cooked and delightfully custardy, these buttons are our new go-to for a cheesy protein fix 

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