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New on the Market for Summer 2020

We’ve rounded up six hot products to look out for on your next shopping trip.

Belletoile’s Creamy Slices combine convenience and premium quality. Semisoft and incredibly versatile, these slices will elevate your next burger or grilled cheese to sublime heights. For an on-the-go snack, roll a slice up with cured meat and you’ve got yourself a bread-free deli delight.

Mitica’s Taralli are the whimsical accompaniment you’ve been searching for. Originating in Southern Italy, these traditional crunchy loops are made with extra virgin olive oil and white wine, boosted by flavors like Turmeric and Cacio e Pepe (our favorite), resulting in a flavorful and flaky bite.

All-natural ingredients come together in these ultra-textured crackers, creating a perfect vehicle for your favorite cheese. In Rosemary, Cumin, and Sea Salt varieties, Top Seedz definitely corners the market on crunch.

Cypress Grove has taken their beloved Humboldt Fog, an ash-coated, soft-ripened goat’s milk cheese, and shaken it up with flavors ranging from spicy to floral. Available in Dill, Chipotle Cacao, or Haze (lavender),each Humboldt Fog Remix showcases the cheese’s best assets, while boasting new and intense personalities.

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