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    AOP Agriform
  • Just one of the many creative pairings on display at this weeks @thecheesemongerinvitational CMI Masters.

    Alex Armstrong @whiteandcurdy made a French onion soup aspic to pair with Gruyere.

    Read more about the event at our #linkinbio

    #cheesemonger #cheese #cheesepairing #frenchonion #frenchonionsoup

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    Happy National Potato Chip Day! Crispy, salty, and addictive, #potatochips are one of the most underrated cheese vessels.

    We like to smear ours with a soft, goat’s milk cheese like Bonne Bouche from @vermontcreamery or a spruce-wrapped softie like @JasperHillFarm Harbison.

    How do you like to eat chips and cheese? Tell us in the comments 👇
    #cheese #cheeselover #culturecheese

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    Creativity was on full display at the @cheesemongerinvitational CMI Masters.

    13 mongers duked it out (in a friendly way) to determine which 2 would go on to represent Team USA at the Le Mondial du Fromage (AKA the World’s Best Cheesemonger Competition).

    They crafted the perfect bite and created larger than life displays of cheese, and took oral and written exams to prove their cheese knowledge.

    As always, a fun day was had by all and there was plenty of cheese to go around. Congrats to the winners @sam.cheeseontoast @thephcheese, alternate @whiteandcurdy and all the other talented contestants!!

    #cheesemonger #cheese #cheesemongers #cheesemongerinvitational #cheeseislife #cheeselover #competition #teamusa

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    ATTN INDUSTRY PROS! Tickets are on sale for Counter Culture Live on March 21 at the beautiful @pointreyescheese. ⁠

    Start the day with a morning farm tour of @pointreyescheese and then spend the day learning from presenters like @unfi @mariekegouda @fabrique_delices and @gruyere_aop. ⁠

    These trade-only events are intensive, full-day sessions with ample opportunity to talk one-on-one and network with your industry peers. ⁠

    Get tickets at our #linkinbio. We hope to see you there!⁠
    #cheese #cheesemonger #cheeseevent #cheesemaker #counterculture #culturecheesemag

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    Make it MELT!⁠

    We replaced onions with mushrooms to create this umami bomb of a soup featuring melty @mariekegouda toast points. The rich and nutty flavor of Premium 12-18 month Marieke Gouda adds a touch of indulgence to this update on the classic French onion soup.⁠

    Go to our #linkinbio to get the recipe and learn more about #mariekegouda

    #cheese #culturecheese #gouda #meltedcheese #cheeselover #foodporn #yum #soup #frenchonionsoup #mushrooms #recipe #foodblogger #goudacheese

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    Did you know the average US dairy cow spends 7-8 hours a day ruminating? And that they prefer to do it lying down!

    Rumination (or cud-chewing) is the process of regurgitating previously consumed feed and chewing it further. Rumination allows these animals (aptly named ruminants) to digest forages and high-fiber feeds other animals cannot. Ruminants make the best (and pretty much only) cheese due to the special k-casein found in their milk that coagulates due to rennet.

    These little ruminators are from @wolfesneckcenter in Maine. #Ruminantsgottaruminate

    #cows #cowsofinstagram #rumination #dairyfarming #dairyfarm #cheesemaking #farmlife #babycow #calves #cuteanimal #farmanimal #culturecheese #farming #milk

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    Gone are the days of salami rivers and painstakingly styled wedges. There’s a new #cheeseboard in town and it requires minimal effort while delivering maximum #cheese.

    A recent @bonappetitmag article by @alifrancis.me begged restaurants to serve #hunks as a main course. And celebrity chef @inagarten made a “rustic” cheeseboard featuring entire wheels of Brie and 2 pound chunks of blue cheese (#barefootcontessa knows what’s up).

    We want to know what you think! Are you team #hunk or do you think “Instagram” boards are here to stay? Tell us in the comments 👇

    Want to stay updated on cheesy happenings? Click our #linkinbio to sign up for our weekly newsletter.

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    To make an excellent cheese sauce you'll need to start by making a bechamel.⁠

    To create this classic mother sauce, you mix equal parts (by weight) butter and white flour in a saucepan over medium-low heat to make a roux. Warm milk is vigorously whisked in, and the mixture is simmered with a bay leaf and an onion stuck with three whole cloves until it thickens.⁠

    From there, you can #cheeseitup to your hearts content. Adding shredded #cheddar, pungent blues, or a robust #gruyere.⁠

    Get the recipe for our perfect cheese sauce at our #linkinbio⁠
    📸 & ✍️ @christine.rudalevige

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    GIVEAWAY! ⁠⁠
    You could be one of THREE lucky winners to receive the ultimate gift pack (pictured above) from @widmerscheese! ⁠

    Embracing the manufacturing techniques which have been handed down through generations of European and Wisconsin cheese makers, Widmer’s Cheese Cellars carefully produces some of the finest Brick, Cheddar and Colby cheeses in the world.⁠

    Go to our #linkinbio and enter your email for a chance to win.⁠

    No purchase necessary. Open to US residents only. #Giveaway ends 3/31 at 12am EST. ⁠
    Disclaimer: This is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram.

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    Another ⁠cheese plate from our newest issue, this "to-go plate" takes a cue from @thatcheeseplate snack-hacking sorcery so you can snack in style wherever you are.⁠

    For culture’s newest issue, we combed through our extensive archives to select the best cheese plates for wowing a crowd and satisfying your “cheese tooth.” ⁠

    Head over to our #linkinbio to read about our 8 favorite #cheeseplates⁠

    📸 @ninagallant_

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    Who says cheese plates have to be for the afternoon? Pull out the cheese and pour some champagne because we’re having cheese for brunch!⁠

    For culture’s newest issue, we combed through our extensive archives to select the best cheese plates for wowing a crowd and satisfying your “cheese tooth.” ⁠

    Head over to our #linkinbio to read about our 8 favorite #cheeseplates⁠

    📸 @ninagallant_

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    It's cheese-o-clock somewhere.⁠

    Time to slam that laptop shut and enjoy the long weekend with a cheeseboard or two... or three...⁠

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