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Caroline Fenn

Articles written by Caroline Fenn

While Caroline Fenn’s primary pursuit is an M.A. in publishing from Emerson College, she thinks almost as frequently about whether burrata or Brie would be her desert island cheese. She comes to Boston via Connecticut and Rhode Island and also loves writing, coffee shops, and Fountains of Wayne.

Get Cultured: The Croque Monsieur

The sandwich of your Parisian dreams

Grilled Cheese, Meet Spaghetti and Garlic Bread

Burnt Crumbs in Orange County, Calif., is serving up a gooey, garlicky sandwich that’s hard to resist

Bagel Rat Rides the Subway

A rat with gumption and great taste joins a long line of cheese-nabbing animals in New York and beyond

Get Cultured: Saag Paneer

India’s version of creamed spinach and cheese is warm, inviting, and not too difficult to find.

South Australian Cows in Udder Distress

As storms and blackouts sweep South Australia, dairy farmers experience difficult delays in milking cows

Cheese’s Place in the GMO Label Conundrum

Why Vermont’s GMO labeling law gives cheese an exemption

Get Cultured: Raclette

I’m sorry, did you say something? I was too busy drooling over this raclette.