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Articles written by Casey Walker

​Casey Walker is a Boston-based writer, constantly scoping out new recipes and restaurants.

Milking Shorthorn cattle

A Rare Herd: Milking Shorthorn Cattle

The popularity of Milking Shorthorn cattle has surged over centuries— in part because the breed is dual purpose: Once its milking years are over, it can be slaughtered for quality meat.

Staff at Bimi's Cheese Shop

Shop Talk: Bimi’s Cheese Shop in Chatham, N.Y.

After a married couple realized there were no cheese shops in their weekend getaway town, they decided to do something about it. Soon after, Bimi’s Cheese Shop opened in Chatham, N.Y.

Selection of cheese at Cheese Bar

Shop Talk: Cheese Bar in Portland, Ore.

Steve Jones of Cheese Bar in Portland, Ore., talks cheese and drink pairings, strange customer requests, and the inspiration behind his cheese restaurant, Chizu

Cambridge Brewing Company beer

Beantown Beer + Cheese: Cambridge Brewing Company

In this Beantown Beer + Cheese installment, Cambridge Brewing Company brewmaster Will Meyers discusses his favorite brew and curd matches.

Beantown Beer + Cheese: Oxbow Brewing Company

In this Beantown Beer + Cheese pairing installment, we look north to Oxbow Brewing Company’s authentic, rustic farmhouse brews

Beantown Beer + Cheese: Downeast Cider

In this Beantown Beer + Cheese installment, Downeast Cider lays out a pairing plan for its most popular blends.

Beantown Beer + Cheese: Night Shift Brewing

In this Beantown Beer + Cheese installment, Night Shift Brewing dishes on the best cheese matches for their popular brews.

Beantown Beer + Cheese: Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers

In this Beantown Beer + Cheese installment, Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers talks about the cheeses that go best with their brews.