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Goat Cheeses of France is the official US campaign for spreading the word on the over 3,000 goat cheese producers and about 60 dairy companies responsible for the exceptional quality, shapes, textures, and tastes of the Original Chèvre.

Sainte-Maure de Touraine Salad with Apples and Pistachio Butter

Sainte-Maure was soft-spoken, more fragile. He reclined on the couch in his gray fur coat and murmured in his sleep about a salad.

Chartreuse Cocktails for Chabichou

With its many wild herbs, Chartreuse is a perfect match for goat cheese, especially in an afternoon sipper.

Shaking Up Chèvre: Le Chevrot & Chèvre d’Argental

If fresh chèvre is evocative of spring’s beginning, then aged chèvre is symbolic of summer’s end and fall’s beginning—rich autumnal hues replacing bright, brilliant summer sun.

Stone Fruit Chutney

Sweet, roasted stone fruit is the perfect companion to fresh or aged chèvre

Pasta with Chèvre d’Argental and Slow-Roasted Easy Girls

Creamy goat cheese and oven-roasted tomatoes create an extraordinary late summer flavor. Look no further for your new signature dish!

Shaking Up Chèvre: Selles-sur-Cher & Florette

Conventional wisdom says cheese should not be paired with seafood, but there are exceptions to every rule…