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Laura Chenel ushered in a new chapter in American cheese in 1979 when she started making farmstead goat cheese with milk from her goats and techniques she learned in France. Today, Laura Chenel still embodies its founding namesake’s pioneering spirit as a leading producer of fresh and aged goat cheeses, and goat yogurts crafted with fresh goat milk from family-owned farms in California, Oregon, Nevada and Idaho. Located in the heart of Sonoma County, Laura Chenel is the first U.S. creamery to be awarded LEED Gold certification, and its commitment to sustainable practices, including solar energy and recycling, helps preserve the terroir for generations to come.

Seven Perfect Bites with Laura Chenel Flavored Goat Logs

Get inspired to snack creatively with Laura Chenel Flavored Goat Logs. Creamy, tangy and flavorful, their award-winning goat cheese makes the perfect pairing for an exciting summertime snack.  Whether you’re sitting poolside, gathering around the campfire with friends, or just indulging in a quick snack, there is a flavored goat log for any occasion. Laura […]

Snack Healthfully with Laura Chenel Goat Yogurt

Smooth, creamy, and healthy with 1 Billion+ BB-12 probiotics per serving, Laura Chenel goat milk yogurts are ideal for breakfast or snacking on the go. Made in small batches using non-homogenized milk straight from family-owned farms, these French-style yogurts have a delicate, fresh flavor with bright tangy notes—and never a hint of “goaty-ness.” There are […]


Brunch Time Just Got Cheesier with Laura Chenel’s Everything Bagel Chabis

The newest flavor to come from Laura Chenel’s line of soft and pillowy fresh goat cheese incorporates the trendy flavors of an everything bagel.

For Cheeseboards and Beyond: Laura Chenel’s flavored goat cheese logs offer a host of pairing possibilities

Earlier this year, Laura Chenel launched a new line of goat cheese logs in 8 distinctive flavors. Here are a few of our favorite ways to use and pair them.

Goat Cheese-Lemon Cake With Blueberry Wine Sauce

Somehow both fluffy as a pillow and rich as velvet, Laura Chenel’s super-moist Original Fresh Goat Cheese is the perfect addition to your holiday cakes.

America’s Original Chef’s Goat Cheese

The signature taste of Laura Chenel cheeses is exceptionally versatile, making them the first choice for restaurant chefs and home cooks alike.