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Kristin Teig is a food, travel and lifestyle photographer based in Boston. Having grown up in San Diego, some of her earliest food memories consist of rolled tacos in aluminum foil-covered trays and bags of spicy carrots. While studying painting in Italy during college, she shared a family meal that sparked an obsession with documenting meals and the stories behind them. See more of her work at http://www.kristinteig.com/

Kirkland Tap & Trotter Eggnog

Kirkland Tap & Trotter Eggnog

I always eschew store-bought, preservative-laden eggnog in favor of this homemade version—and I haven’t yet found a single person who prefers the former

Irish Cream

Irish Cream

Most mass-produced Irish cream liqueurs are made with fat-filled milk powder, but ours uses fresh Irish cream, Midleton Irish whiskey, and Belgian chocolate

Whiskey and Whey Cocktail

Whiskey and Whey

Reputable bars have recently taken the whiskey sour back to its roots—in this classic version, whey acts as the emulsifying agent

Rum Apricot Kefir

Rum Apricot Kefir

In this cocktail, kefir serves as both an acid and a sweetener while rum and apricot make this drink a full-on flavor party

Craigie On Main Milk Punch

Milk Punch

Milk punch requires more initial work, but the delicious result is a crystal-clear, milky-sweet yet light-bodied liqueur