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Jared Sadoian is the lead bartender at Tony Maws’ restaurant The Kirkland Tap & Trotter in Somerville, Mass. You can also find him behind the bar at Kirkland’s sister restaurant, Craigie On Main, or leading cocktail and spirits seminars at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Kirkland Tap & Trotter Eggnog

Kirkland Tap & Trotter Eggnog

I always eschew store-bought, preservative-laden eggnog in favor of this homemade version—and I haven’t yet found a single person who prefers the former

Irish Cream

Irish Cream

Most mass-produced Irish cream liqueurs are made with fat-filled milk powder, but ours uses fresh Irish cream, Midleton Irish whiskey, and Belgian chocolate

Whiskey and Whey Cocktail

Whiskey and Whey

Reputable bars have recently taken the whiskey sour back to its roots—in this classic version, whey acts as the emulsifying agent