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Table of Contents: 2018 Great 28

Table of Contents: 2018 Great 28

This year, we cranked the volume way up. Now, don’t get us wrong—classic pairings like pecorino and pasta, apples and cheddar, and blue cheese and honey have their place. It’s just not in this issue.

In our 2018 Great 28, discover some of our most creative (and tantalizing) matchups ever: matcha-tinged goat cheese with smoked salmon, parmesan with chocolate doughnuts, ricotta with cricket crackers, buffalo mozzarella with cannabis, and so much more. Worried some of these sound weird? Never fear: We consulted with chefs, cheesemongers, and other respective experts to ensure our pairings were top-notch.

So what are you waiting for? Dive in; there’s a whole new world of flavors to explore.

cheese and brisket


1. Brisket
Meat, meet curds.

2. Charcoal
Goth out your cheese board with this pigmented powder.

cheese and lamb

3. Lamb
The black sheep of proteins shines when matched with curds.

4. Turmeric
This hot health trend is totally tasty with cheese.

cheese and cold brew

5. Cold Brew
Wake up to the season’s buzziest pairings.

6. Herbs
Season your wedges and wheels with this aromatic pairing.

7. Egg
Scramble things up with these cheesy combinations.

cheese and eggs

8. Semolina
Meet the golden grain behind your favorite carbs.

9. Seeds
A flavorful friend to both birds and curds.

10. Ginger
This ancient root is dynamite on the cheese plate.

cheese and rice

11. Rice
Forget bread – this grain goes gangbusters with curds.

12. Cannabis
Puff, puff, pair.

13. Rum
Whiskey who?

14. Oats
Break out of your breakfast rut.

cheese and doughnuts

15. Doughnuts
Your favorite fried treats are even better with fromage.

16. Jicama
For a refreshing twist on the tropical veg, match it with curds.

17. Molasses
Get seduced by sugar’s dark side.

cheese and hops

18. Hops
Bitter gets better.

19. Rose
A pairing ready to bloom

20. Octopus
Unexpected dairy matches for this meaty mollusk.

21. Chips
Look beyond Lay’s and onion dip.

22. Rye
A hearty heritage grain catches on.


23. Digestifs
A pairing that’s easy to digest.

24. Insects
A pairing for when you’re feeling daring.

25. Matcha
Go green with this unlikely matchup.

26. Marshmallows
A sweet treat grows up.

27. Beans
The ubiquitous legume is a champion cheese companion.

28. Mushrooms
Fungi find a friend in Fromage.

honey and cheese


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