Table of Contents: Spring 2017 | culture: the word on cheese
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Table of Contents: Spring 2017

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Whole wheat shells with tahini, radishes, and chives
Use Your Noodles — Showcase curds and pretty spring produce with these pasta recipes.
By Leigh Belanger & Rebecca Haley-Park

Mr. Beasley #1, photo credit: Kevin Horan
Creature Features — Feast your eyes on personality-packed portraits of sheeps and goats.
Photographed by Kevin Horan

Sheep grazing in the Carpathian Mountains in Romania
Carpathian Spring — Meet the mysterious cheeses of Romania’s mountains. 
By Molly McDonough 

Oriol de Montbrú
Suau as Silk — Buffalo’s milk Oriol de Montbrú is a creamy Catalan delight.
By Molly McDonough

Sara says hello to Karrot the goat. Photo credit: Josh Huskin
As Luck Would Have It — Family comes first at Pure Luck Farm and Dairy near Austin, Texas.
By Laurel Miller

Kobunder Rinse Schapenkaas, Kobunder Rinse Geit, Skeapsrond
New Amsterdam — Dutch cheesemakers are looking beyond Edam and Gouda.
By Susan Herrmann Loomis





In Season — Fiber-rich asparagus finds harmony with burrata and other spring cheeses.
spring cheese plate
A Cheese Plate — A platter of season-perfect flavored cheeses from a Texas monger.
Basil-topped pizza
Family Pies — Roberto and Giorgia Caporuscio promote Neapolitan pizza.
Chicken tortilla soup
King Cotija — This versatile crumbler crowns all sorts of Mexican-style dishes.





Anchor Brewing Company Anchor Steam Beer
Beer with Cheese — Steam beer is a thirst-quenching American original.
Thorny Devil Grenache
Wine with Cheese — Australian grenache is a juicy, floral match for cheese.





Toggenburg goat, photo credit: Justyne Noble
Farm Animal — Toggenburg goats are revered for their steady milk output.
Chef Dan Barber, photo credit: Susie Cushner
Voicings — Alternative crops, beer, and curds are all on Dan Barber’s mind.
Cougar Gold
Cheese IQ — Washington State University Creamery makes cheese in a can.
Redwood Hill Farm Smoked Goat Cheddar
Cheese Talk — Why is it so hard to find great kosher cheeses?





Gear — Chic creamers add a splash of style to the breakfast table.
Newport Wine Cellar & Gourmet in Newport, R.I., photo credit: Ian McLellan
Shop Talk — Meet fabulous purveyors in New York, Oregon, and Rhode Island.





Blue goat cheese
Chèvre’s Blue Period — It’s a snap to make your own surface-ripened goat cheese.
infused honey
Sweeten the Deal — Infused honeys are the new stars of the cheese plate.





Ask Culture — What cheeses are best for making fondue? Are some cheeses lower in calories and fat than others?
Ruminations — A writer learns how helpful the cheesemaking community can be.


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