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Table of Contents: Winter 2014-15

culture magazine's winter 2014 issue cover


World's Best Mac 'n' Cheese by Beecher's Handmade Cheese

Cheese to Please – Kurt Dammeier of Beecher’s Handmade Cheese gives classic comfort food a cheesy twist.

By Kristine Jannuzzi

Sticky Gingerbread Cake with Whipped Crème Fraîche
Get Fraîche – Brighten up winter days with these five recipes featuring zesty, buttery crème fraîche.

By Rebecca Haley-park

Four wheels of culture's centerfold: despearado cheese

Despearado Punches Your Senses – Toast the New Year with this bold Connecticut cheese.

By Tess McNamara

Chasing Brie – Explore the history and distinctions of one of France’s most famous cheeses.

By Molly McDonough

Carr Valley’s founder, Sid Cook

The Taste Maker – In the land of cheddar and Colby, Carr Valley’s Sid Cook crafts over 100 different artisan cheeses.

By Lara Zielin

Finished Brooklyn Slate loaded up with breakfast

From Quarry to Table – Follow the path of a Brooklyn Slate cheese board through photographs.

By Liz Clayman


A Cheese Plate – The mountains of Colorado boast great skiing—and great cheese.

Tin Fish Gourmet by Barbara-jo McIntire cookbook cover

Sides & Savories – Take tinned fish and cheese farther than the tuna melt with these inventive pairings.

Sweets From India – Add culture to your holiday dessert spread with these cheesy Indian recipes.


Wine + Cheese – When it comes to holiday parties and potlucks, sweet wines are the cheese lover’s secret weapon.

Delicious dark porter is the perfect beer to pair with complex cheeses

Beer + Cheese – Complex, hearty porter is the perfect match for rich cheese.


Treasures in the Tropics – Explore the cheesemaking scene in Costa Rica.

Urban Excursion – Copenhagen is a must-visit destination for cheese lovers.


The bulb of celeriac, also known as celery root

In Season – Celeriac is a culinary knockout when paired with melty cheese.

Farm Animal – Rich reindeer milk is used to produce a unique cheese in Finland.

Bizarre Foods TV star Andrew Zimmern

Voicings – Bizarre Foods star Andrew Zimmern talks stinky cheese, goat meat, and his struggles with addiction.

Cheese Talk – Grilled cheese rules the menu at these four US restaurants.

cartoon of sheep

Cheese IQ – Find out what the new GMO-labeling laws mean for artisan cheese.


Harvest fruit bars

Gear – Our holiday gift guide offers cheesy yet practical ideas for everyone on your list.


homemade flavored compound butters in a stack

Stick Trick – Make your own flavored butter for holiday meals or homemade gifts.

No-Fear Kefir – Give your digestive system a fresh start after the holidays with DIY kefir.


Ask the Cheesemonger – What makes stinky cheese so stinky? Also, why do cheesemakers heat raw milk?

Ruminations – The language of cheese is universal in a Greek shepherd’s home.


Events – See what cheesy events are happening near you.

Shop Talk – Discover retailers with standout cheese and artisan food selections in California, Colorado, and Iowa.

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