5 Cheeses to Put on Your Thanksgiving Cheese Plate
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5 Cheeses to Put on Your Thanksgiving Cheese Plate

This cheese plate made up of Vermont Creamery Cremont, Tarentaise, Summer Snow, and more, makes a great summer meal.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and wine is flowing, pecan pie is browning in the oven,…and your mother-in-law is coming to visit. You’re going to need a cheese plate to get the festivities started – but which wedges deserve a spot on your Thanksgiving platter? The culture staff has rounded up their favorite holiday cheeses guaranteed to impress friends and family (even the in-laws!).

vermont creamery

1. Vermont Creamery Cremont.

“I almost always put it on my Thanksgiving cheese board—since it’s mixed milk, it’s both mild enough for those wary of goat cheese and complex enough for cheese lovers. Plus, everyone swoons over its spreadable, smooth texture.” — Rebecca Haley-Park

Montgomery's Cheddar

2. Montgomery’s Cheddar.

“Crumbly, bandaged Montgomery’s Cheddar is perfect for a harvest feast. It has a buttery, grassy flavor that goes so well with bold wintry reds and festive spices. I also love serving it with a funky cider and chutney. Serious comfort food right here!” — Erika Kubick

Winnimere from Jasper Hill Farm

3. Jasper Hill Farm’s Winnimere.

“Winnimere, because there’s no better reason to splurge than a feast. Also, since I’m an editor at a cheese magazine, my fam expects me to drive down from my house in Vermont with something strange and stinky in tow. I love to unveil an alien-looking, pungent-smelling cheese and then watch their eyes light up as they taste it for the first time.” — Molly McDonough

4. Comte.

“Since the Thanksgiving feast is already rich, I like an aged alpine such as Comte. This year there’s a push for personal Mac ‘n Cheese crocks. So Springbrook Farm Reading and a young Marieke Gouda are making their debut.” — Stephanie Skinner


5. Hook’s Cheese EWE CALF to be KIDing. 

“A perfect combination of delicious and punny. A creamy mix of cow, sheep, and goat milk (get it?) lightly traced with blue veining will entice even the blue-haters in the family.” — Madeline Upson

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