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American Football and American Cheese Month

This October, we’re celebrating two of the most American things around: our blossoming artisan cheese scene and…football! Yup, you heard us right. Cheese and football — and this one goes beyond the Packers.

We want to know…which American cheese represents each team?

We were inspired by this article from Sports On Earth, which names a beer for each NFL team. Sports On Earth, we’ll do you one better.

So of course, we want to hear from you, the fans (of both cheeseand football)! Comment below, or participate in our daily Facebook and Twitter threads; for every day in October (and one day in September), we’ll ask YOU for (American!) cheesy suggestions for a specific team. Don’t forget to tell us why you chose the cheese! Do the Giants stink like a Red Hawk? Are the Saints as spicy as Crema de Blue? It’s up to you to decide!

Here’s our nomination schedule:

Monday, September 30th: Baltimore Ravens

Tuesday, October 1st: Cincinnati Bengals

Wednesday, October 2nd: Cleveland Browns

Thursday, October 3rd: Pittsburg Steelers

Friday, October 4th: Chicago Bears

Saturday, October 5th: Detroit Lions

Sunday, October 6th: Green Bay Packers

Monday, October 7th: Minnesota Vikings

Tuesday, October 8th: Houston Texans

Wednesday, October 9th: Indianapolis Colts

Thursday, October 10th: Jacksonville Jaguars

Friday, October 11th: Tennessee Titans

Saturday, October 12th: Atlanta Falcons

Sunday, October 13th: Carolina Panthers

Monday, October 14th: New Orleans Saints

Tuesday, October 15th: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Wednesday, October 16th: Buffalo Bills

Thursday, October 17th: Miami Dolphins

Friday, October 18th: New England Patriots

Saturday, October 19th: New York Jets

Sunday, October 20th: Dallas Cowboys

Monday, October 21st: New York Giants

Tuesday, October 22nd: Philadelphia Eagles

Wednesday, October 23rd: Washington Redskins

Thursday, October 24th: Denver Broncos

Friday, October 25th: Kansas City Chiefs

Saturday, October 26th: Oakland Raiders

Sunday, October 27th: San Diego Chargers

Monday, October 28th: Arizona Cardinals

Tuesday, October 29th: San Francisco 49ers

Wednesday, October 30th: Seattle Seahawks

Thursday, October 31st: St. Louis Rams


It’s GAMETIME, American cheese!

Rebecca Haley-Park

Rebecca Haley-Park is culture's former editor and resident stinky cheese cheerleader. A native New Englander, she holds a BFA in creative writing from University of Maine at Farmington.

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