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Bonnie’s Jams and Chocolate Cheese

You may have seen curated cheese plates offered in restaurants as a way to end a fancy meal, but what about a cheese that’s sweet enough to function as dessert on its own?

Westfield Farm‘s Chocolate Capri, a soft goat cheese densely flavored with cocoa, strikes the perfect note between sweet and tangy: it’s essentially a spreadable chocolate truffle—and that’s only the beginning.

While some chèvre traditionalists might balk at the idea, a little out-of-the-box thinking is all that stands between you and your new favorite dessert. Served with a fruity counterpart, it’s an unforgettable and unique addition to any cheeseboard.

Tart raspberry is a classic match for the Chocolate Capri’s rich flavor, and Bonnie’s Jams Raspberry Lime Rickey does not disappoint. The jam’s zingy lime notes play well with the cheese’s natural tanginess, while Raspberry highlights the depth of cocoa-enhanced sweetness. Served with biscotti or madelines, this is a dessert that pulls out all the stops.

For the even more adventurous tasters (What, chocolate cheese wasn’t enough for you?), Bonnie’s Red Pepper Jelly is an unexpected twist on Mexican-style chocolate flavor. While the traditional cocoa recipe relies on chipotle peppers for heat, fresh habañeros in the Jelly are used instead for a sweet-spicy flavor that is perfectly mellowed by the creamy chèvre.

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Lauren Kouffman is a cookbook collector, pun-enthusiast, social media ninja and intrepid gastronome. She is currently tasting and writing her way through Boston, MA, indulging whenever possible in all things cheesy. Follow her travels on Instagram.


Photo Credit: Bonnie’s Jams, River Soma via The Nibble
Additional editing by Rebecca Haley-Park

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