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Post 3: Hello My Name Is…

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Coach Farm is searching for a name for its new raw aged goat’s milk cheese. Several bloggers received samples of the cheese so they could taste and describe it for our readers. Today’s post comes from Anne Maxfield of The Accidental Locavore.

Sometimes it’s hard being The Accidental Locavore. Large, pristine packages show up on your doorstep camouflaging delicious contents like oysters, or in this case, cheese that you have to taste and comment on. My project for today is to write about this nice, big, white slab of cheese from Coach Farm. It’s in a mysterious, plain, white wrapper, labeled “raw milk cheese.” Part of my challenge is to describe it in such a fashion that one of you will bequeath it with a more stylish moniker.

“Raw Milk Cheese”(or RMC as I’m going to call it) really does it a disservice, as it’s actually a classy hunk of aged chèvre. A perfect white bloom surrounds a chalkier center, with an inside layer of a runnier paste. Think of it as looking like Humboldt Fog on a clear day…

Coach Farm's Rawstruck on 34 degrees crackers


Eaten on its own, it’s a bit dry in the center, with the outer edges being a little runnier and sharper. It’s all in pretty much perfect proportions with that lovely tang that a good chèvre always packs. On one of my favorite crackers, the paper thin 34° Rosemary Crisps, it’s a perfect combination!

My husband likes RMC straight off the knife. He gets a lemon taste from it that reminds him of fields and says it’s a little decadent, in all the best ways! He’s very much in love with it and we’re both hoping that Coach is soon to market with this gem. Otherwise we’ll have to try to make this wedge last, a near impossible feat! Almost as difficult as trying to describe it, so you can name it.

If it helps, I was trying to think of things that were great and white. Unfortunately, I got stuck with Moby and Jaws, neither of which I think would help Coach in marketing this particular great white… My forays into Google and Wikipedia were about as useless. However, Wikipedia did give up this gem: “A common superstition in the Middle Ages was that goats whispered lewd sentences in the ears of the saints.”

And on that note, I’m off for another taste of RMC….

Rawstuck on black background

Anne Maxfield is a multi-talented serial entrepreneur. Her vision for the Accidental Locavore is to take the fear out of farmer’s markets,  giving you the knowledge to conquer corn and recipes to tame tomatoes!  She is the consummate foodie and has had food adventures in her backyard and around the world.  Find Anne on her blog, The Accidental Locavore, or  Twitter: @alocavore, Facebook, Pinterest or LinkedIn and make sure you sign up for the weekly newsletter so you don’t miss a thing!

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