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So Many Cheese Plate Parties, So Little Time!

As our Winter Cheese Plate adventure draws to a close, I can’t help but reflect on the incredible diversity that’s been highlighted by our amazing bloggers.

From a romantic cheese picnic for two , to a crash course in beer and wine pairings, to an awesome Jeopardy-style queso quiz , we’ve read about lots of different ways to induct even the most timid turophiles! We’ve been encouraged to elevate our cheese cuisine to the next level with easy-but-elegant recipes and to keep it all in perspective with some thoughtful big-picture advice from a registered dietician.

More than anything, we hope that our Winter Cheese Plate Series has inspired our readers to see every cheese experience, big or small, as an excuse to party! And why not? Around these parts, the cheese never stands alone! Now that Spring has finally sprung (according to our calendars, anyway), you might be wondering how you’ll carry the celebratory spirit into the new season? Fear not, cheese lovers, we’ve got our Spring Centerfold to tide you over.

Torta Finca Pascualete is a smooth, creamy cheese with complex flavors of citrus, mushroom, minerals and wild grasses that change and evolve in the mouth. We’re pairing it with some authentic Ibérico ham and a beautiful Vermont maple cheese knife to serve it with: the perfect centerpiece for a “We Survived the Winter” party, if you ask me!

Thanks so much for joining us in our fromage festivities this season. Stay tuned for more contests and other fun features this spring, by visiting our Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest pages.

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