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A dark-brown Murciana goat with sizeable udders.

Murciana Goats

These impressive Spanish grazers are bred for great milk and low maintenance

A small herd of Friesian sheep stand sheltered beneath a drooping tree in a lush meadow.

Friesian Sheep

The Friesian ewe boasts great milk and good behavior

Farm Animal: Water Buffalo

The mighty water buffalo is a mild-mannered dairy animal

An illustration of a Randall cow, noting its colorsided lineback coat, curved horns, dark feet, and shapely udders.

Randall Cattle

They’re able, smart, tough, and make a mean cheddar

A herd of single-hump, dromedary camels walking across the desert.

Dromedary Cattle

This most archetypal of desert creatures possesses an elegant anatomy that exemplifies evolutionary adaptation to its harsh and unforgiving environment

A Lacaune ewe stands in a sunlit grassy meadow.

Lacaune Sheep

They’re hornless, hardy, and able to resist dramatic temperature swings thanks to their fine coat of white fleece

An Ayrshire cow stands before an idyllic valley vista.

Ayrshire Cattle

Scotland’s famed breed is prized for its beauty and practicality

A Great Pyrenees Dog strides away from his flock, which is munching on some hillside grass at sunset.

Great Pyrenees Dogs

Meet the dog breed that protects the flock at many sheep dairies

Farm Animal: LaMancha Goats

Origin LaMancha goats are easy to recognize, what with those cute little ears, but the exact origin of the breed is not easily traceable. The La Mancha region of south-central Spain seems the most likely source of what we know today as the American LaMancha. Although shepherds in this region had no official name for […]