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Two American alpine goats nuzzle one another and butt heads in this black and white image

American Alpine Goats

A romping, affectionate breed, American Alpine goats are appreciated for their adaptability and high milk production, which goes into award-winning cheeses at Redwood Hill Farm, Cypress Grove, Capriole, and Twig Farm

Farm Animal: Holstein Cows

Meet the most popular bovine breed in America’s dairyland.

Farm Animal: Nigerian Dwarf Goat

The breed’s small stature belies big benefits for cheesemaking

Awassi Sheep

Meet the popular thick-tailed dairy breed of the Middle East

Farm Animal: Water Buffalo

The mighty water buffalo is a mild-mannered dairy animal

A Border Collie rounds up some sheep in an open pasture.

Border Collie

This popular shepherding dog loves to go to work

A dark-brown Murciana goat with sizeable udders.

Murciana Goats

These impressive Spanish grazers are bred for great milk and low maintenance