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Farm Animal: Norwegian Dairy Goat

Known for its delicious milk, meat, and (of course) cheese, the Norwegian goat has been a favorite of European farmers for centuries.

Farm Animal: American Miniature Cheviot Sheep

BREED: American Miniature Cheviot Sheep SPECIES: Ovis aries COLOR/PATTERN: White, black, beige, or silver wool HEIGHT: 17 to 23 inches WEIGHT: 45 to 100 pounds REGION OF ORIGIN: Scotland Imagine you’re counting sheep. What do they look like? Are they round, fluffy cotton balls with stick legs and little smiling faces? Imagine no more, friends, […]

Farm Animal: Moose

These awkward behemoths have a reputation as gentle providers of milk, meat, and sheer delight.

Farm Animal: Icelandic Sheep

Widely considered the oldest, purest sheep breed in the world, Icelandic sheep are prized

Farm Animal: Alpine Dairy Goat

With their spunky personalities and long lactation period, it’s no wonder these goats are beloved on both sides of the Atlantic.

Farm Animal: Pecora Sarda

With its high milk volume and adaptability, it’s no wonder why shepherds prefer the Pecora Sarda.

illustration of a red and white montbéliarde cow

Farm Animal: Montbéliarde Cow

Breed: Montbéliarde Species: Bos taurus Color/Pattern: red pied Height: 4 feet 10 inches* Weight: 1,400 pounds* Region of Origin: Bourgogne-Franche-Comté This Frenchie is the second-most-common dairy cow in its native land, and its fat- and protein-rich milk is used in more French PDO cheeses than any other breed—it’s one of the few types permitted when […]

baby goats laurel miller avalanche cheese company edible aspen

10 Pictures of Baby Goats to Get You Ready for Spring

The sun is shining, the snow is melting, and the bees are buzzing. That’s right, spring is finally upon us! Here at culture there is so much we look forward to about this time of year: chilled rosé, warmer weather, and, of course, fresh goat cheese! And while we like to kid around all year […]

Water Buffalo, the Bovine Behind Italy’s Most Famous Mozzarella

Although the water buffalo (also known as the Asian buffalo) originated in Southeast Asia, it has made a name for itself in regard to Italian cheese. How, exactly, the animals got to Europe is unclear, but they’ve roamed Italy since at least the 15th century. Today, the population is sizable enough to allow large-scale production […]

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