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Cheese Of The Day: Aged Havarti


Aged Havarti


Havarti is never a bad choice. It’s approachable for the most novice cheesehead, but flavorful enough for the discerning turophile. Castello’s Aged Havarti is no exception. With sweet and lactic flavors at the onset, Aged Havarti mellows to an earthy nuttiness with a hint of anise. A tangy sharpness lingers but never overwhelms, and the firm texture, dotted with small holes called eyes, crumbles in the mouth—it’s one cheese suited for continuous snacking.

Traditional Danish Havarti was first produced in the mid-1800s. Today, Castello Havarti—which was added to the company’s line in 2012—is produced in Denmark using cow’s milk from farms in Western Jutland. This particular version is matured for 58 weeks, during which the cheese moves between storerooms at different temperatures.

Pair this cheese with a moderately concentrated wine like a Malbec, or even a Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc. Because it’s so mild, almost anything goes, but try it with our favorite  party snacks: Aged Havarti atop a hearty whole wheat cracker, add Lingonberry jam, or go salty with a mouth-puckering mash of capers and a dash of Sriracha. Or, for a wonderful winter dinner, grate it onto a mixture of sausage and chard inside stuffed squash.

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